Stevi Marks
This past July Dawn joined Healing Springs. As a long time happy client, I was introduced to Dawn and the extraordinary work that she does. Not only is she highly trained, but she is also smart and intuitive, using best practices to meet the needs of her patients. Her calm and spiritual aura creates an environment where healing truly occurs. Using traditional and Metta Acupuncture approaches, my weekly appointments have most positively affected my mental and physical well being. In the short time that I have been a client, Dawn has targeted physical (muscular/skeletal) issues, cancer-related issues, side effects of western medicines, and mental well being. She has been highly successful, bringing a better quality of life and improved diagnoses. For those who are skeptics, this ancient art has helped me thrive for 13 years past a bleak prognosis and has succeeded in providing my body, mind, and spirit healing where Western Medicine fails. I highly recommend Dawn at Metta Perspective
Rose Battaglia
I have been visiting Doctor Dawn for a few months now for an injured painful knee. I would recommend her acupuncture treatment to anyone who wants to avoid pain pills. The treatment really worked, and I am a satisfied client.
Courtney Mueller
Dawn is a game changer- whether it's her acupuncture, cupping, herbs, or anything else she has up her magical sleeve- she has truly been a lifesaver for me and now my entire family. So grateful to have someone who goes above and beyond the norm to make someone feel better!
Audrey G.
I went to Dawn feeling depleted and confused about the source of my health challenges. Dawn was able to help me understand the source of what I was dealing with and help me begin to shift things on a path to healing. She is able to perceive things both intuitively but also with concrete, evidence-based insight. I am very grateful for the way she is practical, joyful, and compassionate.
Meredith Alger
Dawn is AMAZING! I had no idea that I could feel so much better. Each time I see Dawn, she meets me where I am, listens, and treats accordingly. Whether it’s back pain, headaches, autoimmune, illness, or lack of energy (among other things!), after an appointment I feel better. Dawn educates and works with me as a whole person, giving me suggestions to help my overall well-being. Through Dawn, I have learned about herbs and teas that can help my ailments. I highly recommend!
Maureen Kebo
Excellent results! If you have any physical or emotional condition or just want to optimize your health, Dawn's expert treatment will help! Her ability to listen, assess, and respond is a gift.
Sally Mickelson
I can’t say enough about how much better I feel since I’ve been going to see Dawn! She is so good a knowledge about what she is doing. I have tension, liver, and digestion issues. My health and energy level is just amazing. She always gives me suggestions on how to stay healthy!! I highly recommend Dawn!!